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We are excited to announce that we are now offering PayTo as a secure and fast way to pay directly from your bank account. It’s a new option that allows payment without a card.

PayTo is a new digital payment service that enables you to pre-authorise one off or recurring real-time payments from an eligible bank account to merchant, business or institution. It’s a modern alternative to the current direct debit system.

This new system gives you visibility and control over your banking. You can see all your PayTo Agreements with Unity Bank in one secure place. You can also pause, resume or cancel a PayTo Agreement through your internet banking.

What is PayTo?

PayTo arrangements are an agreement between you and an authorised third party like a merchant, business or service provider. That third party creates the PayTo agreement in a safe and secure way. You then need to approve this payment via your internet banking before this real-time payment is processed.

What are the benefits of using PayTo?

  • Use PayTo for your bills, holidays, gym membership, media subscriptions and much more.

  • Manage PayTo agreements easily within the security of your existing Internet Banking.

  • See all the PayTo agreements you’ve set-up from your bank account together in the one spot, including status, date, amount and who the payment is for.

  • See when your payments are due, so you have enough funds in your bank account to avoid late payment fees or charges.

How does a PayTo agreement work?

  1. The merchant, business or service provider will set up the PayTo agreement and provide their payment terms 
  2. You select the PayTo option (where available)
  3. You provide your PayID or BSB/account number (your 9 digit account number)
  4. You authorise the agreement in your internet banking
  5. The merchant can get paid instantly (in line, of course, with the terms of your agreement)

For example – you join a gym; they ask for your account details, and you give them your BSB and account number (your 9 digit account number) or your PayID. The gym creates a PayTo agreement and the details appear in your internet banking for you to review and approve. You can also see that agreement and all its details with the options to pause, cancel or resume it at your discretion. This can all happen in person, at a digital checkout, or on the phone.

Please note, any signatories on your account will also receive notifications of any PayTo Agreement approvals and changes.

Who can I pay with PayTo?

You can use PayTo to make payments with any participating merchant, business or service provider. So that’s everything from subscription services and utilities providers, to food deliveries, groceries, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I manage my PayTo payments?
    You can keep track of all your PayTo payments in your internet banking. 

    Here’s how it works:

    - See when payments will be debited and for how much
    - View, cancel and pause PayTo agreements anytime
    - Get a clear view of recurring payments in one easy place
  2. Will my direct debit still work?
    It’s business as usual with any direct debit agreements you have in place. Nothing will change unless you want it to.
  3. Should I use PayTo or direct debits?
    This is a personal preference, but guided by payment options available by the merchant, business or service provider. PayTo is like a digital direct debit system with less of the legwork involved in setting up a direct debit authority. 

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Find out more about PayTo

PayTo is an initiative from NPP Australia. The NPP is fast payments infrastructure built by the Australian financial services sector.

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