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Receiving Money from Overseas

Inward Telegraphic Transfer

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We can assist you when receiving payments from overseas in a foreign currency. We can help you determine the best way to handle these payments and provide the services to deposit them into your account.

In general, the quickest and most convenient way for someone to send you funds from overseas is via a Telegraphic Transfer.

If you’re receiving a large amount of money, we recommend you request a Telegraphic Transfer for security and speed.

What do I need to do to receive money to my account? These details are for use by the sending bank:

  • Swift code: CUSCAU2SXXX
  • Swift bank: CUSCAL, 1 Margaret Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
  • BSB: 882-000
  • Account number: Your member number
  • Account name: Your full name
  • Forward to: Unity Bank Limited
  • Intermediary bank: CUSCAL's preferred intermediary bank is NAB. Swfit Code NATAAU3303M.

Also, ask the sender to :

  • present these instructions to their bank when sending the payment to you;
  • deposit the amount into the dedicated account as stated in the instructions in local currency and not in AUD;
  • instruct bank teller to include the “Payment Notes” in the bank’s reference field as specified in the PDF deposit instructions;
  • please request your remitter (sender) email you a copy of the bank transfer receipt showing the date, amount and transaction number. This information may be of assistance in locating the transaction (if required).

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