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The Cure Starts Now (Australia)

The Cure Starts Now (Australia)

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Ren Pedersen a proud father and member of Unity Bank has started a children’s cancer charity after saying goodbye to his nine-year old daughter, Amy, who was tragically taken by an aggressive cancer known as Brain Stem Glioma (BSG/DIPG).

Shortly after the passing of his child Ren was contacted by The Cure Starts Now, an international group fighting to find a cure for cancer. Ren has established a fully independent Australian arm  in Townsville and has been raising funds and awareness for research into BSG/DIPG.

Ren says BSG/DIPG is a cancer that often misses out on the research it deserves as many researchers put it into the 'too hard' basket. Ren adds that the ‘treatments these poor children are subjected to have remained virtually unchanged since the seventies. ’ The tumour is so difficult to treat as it damages nerves in the brain stem vital for breathing, consciousness, and movement.

There are many ways you can support The Cure Starts Now Incorporation. Throughout the year, events take place all over the country. You can implement programs on your own, and you can always participate in our local and national partner promotions. The Cure Starts Now is truly a grass-roots effort and your participation helps further our mission to cure cancer, one child at a time.

The Cure Starts Now has raised over $700K since inception and a quarter of a million dollars in last twelve months alone. Every single cent is channelled toward new, cutting edge Australian BT research.

The Cure Starts Now delivers on its mission of curing cancer, one child at a time, through its support of paediatric cancer research partnerships with renowned research institutions both nationally and worldwide. Although only in its fourth year of program funding, these partnerships have already advanced the cause of paediatric cancer research through new drug protocols and biological sampling to help design the new generation of cancer fighting drugs.

Ren’s contact details
Ren Pedersen, Director
Address: PO Box 545, Deeragun, Qld, 4818
Phone: 0413 318 824

Donations Australia wide can be directly deposited into:
Bendigo Bank: BSB 633 000 Account # 142187632